Get Involved

There are multiple ways to get involved at Journey Church!
First, decide to serve at Journey by joining one of our ministry teams.  We refer to our ministry teams as the “big 7.”  The 7 areas of ministry are:

1)  Outreach Team:  The outreach team organizes special events for Journey Church, looks for opportunities to help our community through community service projects and focuses on missions locally, nationally and around the world.  The outreach team uses creative means to bring people to church and then uses creative ways to take church into the community.

2)   Lasting Impressions Team:  This team is the face of Journey through making an impact upon people as they come through the doors.  The lasting impressions team is our “Treasuring People” in action.  This team works through:  greeters, ushers, parking lot attendents, befriending, information table, hospitality and meals.

3)   Creative Impact Team:  If you have an eye for design and want to be involved with the creative aspect of our Sunday worship as well as weekday church life then creative impact is for you.  This team is responsible for web design, facebook, graphic arts, decoration, t-shirt design, Sunday multi-media, video production and marketing.

4)  Worship Team:  The worship team is responsible for aiding in the worship of God through music every Sunday and other opportunities throughout the week.  The worship team consists of musicians, sound people, setup and tear down.  The worship team is the face of our “Trusting the Lord” purpose on Sunday mornings.  

5)  Children & Youth Ministry Team:  There is no greater calling nor purpose than the ministry to the children and youth of Journey Church.  

We are here to pave the way for the future of our community.  We seek to shape healthly children and healthy youth that will someday become healthy adults.  It is far easier to shape healthy children than to repair dysfunctional adults!  We need workers, helpers and teachers in this vital area of ministry.

6)  Growth Groups Team:  In growth groups we see individuals, couples and families being discipled to become all that God wants them to be.  This area focuses on three distinct areas:  First, our weekday Bible studies and Classes including men’s ministry and women’s ministry.  Second, a healthy and growing home small group ministry.  Third, a vital recovery ministry focused on helping people recover from addictions, divorce and grief.  We need teachers, leaders, hosts and helpers in the Growth Groups Team.

7)   Connections & Support Team:  The connections and support team helps the people at Journey become connected as a part of the church.  Let’s face it, everyone is looking for somewhere that they sense belonging and connection.  This team is focused on multiple items including:  Biblical counseling ministry, meet the pastor events, potluck/share meals events, “date night”, “parents night”, “game night” and new guest follow up.

If you are wondering where you fit with Journey Church we encourage you to watch these two messages on finding your place at Journey.  In addition, the following PDF can assist you in getting involved: