Pastor Erin,
I have always enjoyed going to church ever since I was little, but overtime having so many different pastors at the church I attended too. I didn’t feel the joy that I once knew, to where I would have rather of stayed at home and cherish God. While listening to my long time family/friends talking about Journey Church and how they really enjoy Journey because they get to cherish God, with great music/band, great people, and fantastic pastors (Erin, Steven, Kris). I then decided to attend Journey one weekend and have been every weekend since. I don’t want to stay at home and cherish God alone, I want to join in with everyone at Journey Church to learn & cherish God that way. I believe in my heart that this is the direction God wants me to go.
God Bless Pastor Erin and all the Members of Journey Church

What has Journey Church meant to me this year? 

Journey Church has been a place of healing and restoration. Before coming to Journey,  I was at a point of never wanting to walk into a church again. God had other plans! I have rediscovered the joy of serving alongside others. I am able to trust again. It is nothing short of a miracle that I look forward to being at church every week. Journey provides a community of acceptance and hope. I love this church! God is glorified by what happens here.



Did I find Journey or did Journey find me?? God knows fully what we need and his timing is perfect. That is something I had always heard, was taught and had often even said. I don’t know that I truly believed it until the past year. I had witnessed it but in my growth I have now learned to recognize and acknowledge when there is no doubt it’s a “God Thing”.  How great is OUR GOD!! 

I am 35 year old single {divorced 7 years} mother of 3 amazing children. I grew up in and out of church more “out” than “in” until my adult life when my personal battle grew and my constant falling, hurting and then seeking would continue to be a dysfunctional cycle because I never really understood, couldn’t let go and didn’t put forth work. I was always hiding.  To my family and peers I always seemed to have it together on the outside while on the inside the enemy had me very beat down believing lie after lie about myself. I was feeling like a failure to my children and constantly questioned if I was “enough”.  I was stuck… 

There are several reasons I came to Journey but when I finally came to my first Sunday service it was Feb 16th. I had failed myself and seeked in the wrong places repeatedly and was just longing deeply for a peace that I had not been able to fully find. My life was ruled and lived on fear and hiding. I had deep hurts some that were so old carried from my earliest childhood years that I wasn’t even aware at the surface. My way wasn’t working any more. I prayed nearly daily but that was not enough. Just as God uses people as vessels it turns out Journey and the body of people he had a plan to use all of it as a vessel to reach and teach me on a new level.   

Since my first Sunday Service here at Journey God has worked in my life in more ways than I can count. I have found a peace that I never known before. Through my decision to work on myself and attend church along with bible study and be willing to look deep inside me I have dealt with acknowledged and been healed of many of the hurts that so long held me back and held me down along with fueled my poor decision making because I was unable to love me for me. I have been set free… Free of people opinions of me and able now to embrace all that I am all that I have done and love me anyway.  I no longer allow the negative voice to rule my direction or hold me down. I now believe the truth and the truth is that I am Beloved. There is nothing that can separate me from Gods unending, unchanging love for me. 

I had feared my children would not know Jesus and I knew in my heart and soul that the foundation of truth is the very most important thing to give them. I thought they would resist…. They followed without resistance. They enjoyed service. They thought Pastor Erin was funny and took something away from each service attended. All three of my Children were Baptized and raised in new life on Aug 24 here at Journey.  Our Church has since been blessed with Kris Hunter as a Youth Pastor. My boys ages 15 and 12 admire, trust and want to be near him ~ to Learn THE TRUTH! 

In my inability in the past to love me I was unable to have a healthy romantic relationship.  Now that I embrace me and have learned and know where to seek in my troubled times I have found a hand to hold in a strong, seeking man. I am amazed by the endless possibilities for my life. I want to shine brightly for the Lord. I want to be brought to attention and work on the things that need corrected to be more like Christ every single day. I am eternally grateful for those who currently walk beside me and excited for those ahead whom I have year to meet. 


Journey Church has actually kicked started me on my journey towards growing closer to God. Before I became a member of Journey Church, I honestly felt like God may have abandoned me. I knew God was real, knew the right words to say in front of the “right” people, and even knew that the Word said He would never me but I didn’t actually have a relationship with Him. In struggling with my own selfishness and self-pity, I finally came to terms that it wasn’t God pushing me away, I was pushing Him away. After finally laying down my burdens, God blessed me abundantly by showing me my purpose in life. I have finally found a place that speaks truth, love and legitamitally cares about the 3 main points it stands for: Trusting God, Treasuring People and Transforming Our World. It is hard to find that anywhere else. Through Journey, I have learned that these 3 points are not just words, they are actual events that are happing in my life. The more I trust God, the more He blesses me. The more I treasure people, the more I remember His love on the cross. The more I help in transforming the world, the more I remember what my purpose in life is; helping in loving people where they are at, remembering the church is a hospital for the broken and that we are ALL God’s children and are truely loved by Him. I am able to live out my calling in life at Journey and give back everything that He has given to me. I pray that this church continues to touch and change lives as it has mine. 


Journey brought me thru a difficult time and continues to do so thru your Web casts.  I can’t tell you enough how you and the church have changed my life. 


 Since I started coming to Journey so many things that I can’t put into words. It was like coming alive and being excited about being a child of God again. Been a rough year for me and my family, but I was able to hold out hope and God answered in a big way. I learned how to pray like I had never prayed before and to realize that God was present even if my prayers weren’t answered. Learning to recognize God in ways I had never even thought of. It’s never been easy for me to ask for prayer but in the last year I have even learned how to do that. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and began to serve in ways I never thought I could, or would or even thought I was qualified to do. I look forward to the ways I can serve God, even when I don’t think I can. The music causes you to come alive even on an early Sunday morning when you would rather still be in bed. You can always count on the sermon, no matter who does it, will enlighten, teach, and encourage. Never a disappointment. God is here and He is Alive. 


I believe the first time I started coming to the Journey Church was in September. When I was asked to come I didn’t hesitate or think about turning down the offer because I thought why not try it.

I grew up in a Christian home and always attended church. After moving to Gillette and going to a couple different churches I never felt like one was right for me. I stopped going to church and after awhile I started to lose my faith.. The first time I walked into Journey Church I felt like it was home and where I was suppose to be. Right away I fell in love with the church and everything about it. I love the band and I love listening to Pastor Erin’s sermons and I enjoy being able to understand them.

I use to dread going to church because it was a long hour and half of sitting there not being able to understand what they were saying. Now I look forward to church every week. I feel like it gives a good start to my week as I look forward for the next Sunday coming.
I enjoy the Journey Church and everything about it. And I believe that it has truly shown me the way, and has given me faith.


It gave me home, family, love and God. 


Hi Erin!  

I reached out from my current church home for a small group study and it was actually through the last 5th Sunday Worship group at another church that I fell into a group of people in yours. God blessed me tremendously with the in-depth study that is happening on Friday and Sunday evenings led by Charles and Kory. I know that God directed my path to this particular group in the church of believers in Gillette as I diligently seek a deeper relationship with Him.  The fire in me hasn’t just been rekindled over the last few weeks, it has been doused with gasoline!  I have a renewed unction to read, share, and discuss the Word of God and I am believing that He will sharpen the image of His will for my life and straighten its path as I walk along it.  I have also had the privilege of hearing you preach the messages of Love and Joy in December.  Both were fantastic messages, came at the perfect time in my life, and added fertilizer to seeds sown earlier this year on the idea of “choice” in these areas of our daily lives. 

Thanks for the blessings I’ve received through your church and I pray that each member in your church body receives them in the same way!! 

Hey Erin! I would like to share my experience of journey with you! I recently moved here in May from Oklahoma. It was a huge move and I missed home! But I made a decision to move up here and have a closer relationship with Jesus and start going to grad school for counseling. I struggled to find a church to fit in. I went to several around town and almost gave up and was just going to listen to sermons from my home church in Oklahoma. Then my next door neighbor wanted to try journey out and she didn’t want to go alone. And I went with her. It was like home here. I immediately felt love, joy and connection. I think it’s great what we have here and hope others find their way to whatever home they choose. I choose journey! I love it here. Thanks! 


We had been praying for a church like Journey to build our community up for years and years. We did not feel fed at our other church, and it greatly effected our marriage and our everyday life. We had some pretty dark times, when divorce was a thought. Our vows and commitment before God were the thread holding us together at times. When Journey opened, we decided to check it out. It was more than we could have hoped for! People are so friendly and open. You immediately feel welcome and like you belong, and not just because it is your first time there. It is like that every time you go! Journey is family oriented, and promotes building relationships within the church. What we found lacking in our old church, we found in Journey. The worship service is amazing and sets the tone for the sermon. Through worship and messages centered on the Bible that we felt were directed to us, our marriage has grown stronger. We once again enjoy each other. Our days are not filled with malice and spite, they are filled with laughter and love. Journey has taught us to grow in our faith as that effects everything you do. Getting closer to God and learning more about Scripture has helped us grow in our marriage. We have looked at so many things we were doing wrong and made an actual effort to change them. Thank you for blessing our community, you were exactly what we needed! 


PS, I love how you pray for all the churches in the community every week. Wow, every church should do that! 

Journey Church is making a difference in my life.  I hear the word for the first time more importantly my son hears it!. I was raised between southern Church of Christ and southern Baptist and I am married to a Catholic.  In all the years I attended church growing up, I never heard the word. 

Although you don’t want kudos, I must give you some.  Erin you are inspirational. Your personal style of preaching is engaging.  You make the gospel real.  I no longer hear hell, fire, and brimstone.  I hear the word of God and how much he loves us. Journey Church has inspired me to be a better person.  I feel an internal peace that I have never experienced before and I contribute that to Journey Church.   


In one year with Journey a lot changed for me. I was struggling for answers when my son was born and it wasn’t easy he almost didn’t make it. Journey was there with prayers and support. After that I tried to follow God and change but was grasping at straws. That’s when Jacob asked me to come to group after that everything seemed to happen like a blur. I revived my first Bible ever from Jacob at that group meeting. Seems weird to think that I had never owned or been given a Bible before then. He asked me out to coffee to talk. I gave my heart to Jesus and asked Him into my life. I read the Bible and it was amazing, life changing. Baptized next to my wife at Journey washed clean showing everyone that I was ready for a life with Christ. Not everything has gone perfect or been easy this last year at all. To tell the truth is has been the scariest, hardest, yet most rewarding year of my life. 

Philippians 4:11-13 NIV, “I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” 

I’m far from perfect in my walk with Christ but I’m still going to try everyday to be better. 

1 year, son born, kindness shown, first Bible received, heart given, baptized, 1 year sober, few months completely clear of nicotine. And all of this is thanks to Journey. So thank you for opening your doors and everyone for opening there hearts. I have found a home.  

Thank you all sincerely,


I honestly feel that Journey has saved my life. I have gone to church my whole like but never really delved into it. God was always some distant enforcer and not someone I felt you had a meaningful relationship with. The people of Journey have really taken me in as family and showed me what it’s like to have a relationship with Jesus. The classes I have been able to attend since going to Journey have really helped me gain the knowledge and enthusiasm to learn more about the Bible. If it wasn’t for Journey entering into my life I would have just been another lost soul on this planet heading for destruction. I love everyone I have been able to meet and become friends with so far and I can’t wait to see where God leads this church.  


I personally grew up in a strong christian home. We were forced as children to go to church every Sunday as long as we lived under our parents roof. Growing up I hated this, not that I hated church but you go through different stages at different ages. As an adult, I now appreciate the fact my parents taught me about the Bible and all the stories and lessons it involved. I still however, could not find a church I was comfortable in. Even the church I grew up in my whole entire life, I could feel the judgment and was not interested in the messages. I went to church maybe once a year if I even made it that much. Then I found Journey, I started coming alone and even looked forward to Sunday just so I could go to church, and then I met my amazing significant other, Elisha. (Elijah) 

His story is much better than mine. Elisha grew up in a home with a drunk mother and 3 other siblings. His father worked at the mine and was always working. His mother would tell her children in a drunken rage she was going to kill them in their sleep so they would sleep in their closets, subconscious and scared the whole night, hiding. His mother personally came at him with a knife 3 times that I know about. She would beat them and be screaming scriptures at them while she was doing it. His thought process on God, Jesus, the Bible was not really correct and he had a lot of questions and lack of belief. Not that he didn’t believe but the way he was raised and taught obviously was not your standard way. The kid’s ended up in foster care at times and would be still given back to their parents. He woke up to the swat team surrounding his house when he was about 10 years old as his mother had called the cops in a drunk and told them there were bodies everywhere. (There wasn’t but she just called the cops when she would get drunk. They were constantly there but would not do anything about the situation. Neither would family, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc….) His life was not easy and the children were often left alone at young ages and had to care for themselves. This broke my heart hearing these stories. How could a mother do that? My stipulation was he had to come to church with me. Just try it, I told him he would love it if he just tried.  

He came with me that first Sunday and he was not necessarily excited. But after that service……………..he could not stop talking about it! He couldn’t wait to go again! He talked to his siblings and his father about it. He invited his whole family! He felt as if the sermon was speaking directly to him and he still feels that way in most sermons he has attended. His father finally divorced his mother about 10 years ago and Elisha has personally not had anything to do with his mother in over 5 years. All of those children have refused to let their childhood make them who they are today and have overcome (mostly, there is still issues at times) their hardships and changed the cycle. He has truly become a man of God. He has downloaded bible study apps on his phone and picked up a couple bibles that Journey offered. He holds me accountable on days I would like to sleep in and skip church just as I hold him accountable on days he feels that way. We have a mixed family involving 4 children total and it’s definitely not always easy. The other parties are not always cooperative or easy to deal with either. But Elisha has even invited them to attend, he has not succeeded at this point but he continues to try and just raves (as I do) about how welcome we feel every time we come to church. He is the youngest of four and his older siblings have started to look up to him versus look down on him. They see the change and mention it all the time. We do not feel judgment or left out. This church truly welcomes with open arms no matter where you come from, if you’re new or you’re old, whether you are dressed to the nine or dressed as a one. We are all here for the same reason, to praise Him and worship His holy name. We truly couldn’t imagine life without Journey and their Pastors. We love the laughter, the tears, (yes you have made me cry, last Sunday’s story in particular), and the downright knowing when you’ve been wrong and knowing there is forgiveness. So thank you Journey, not just for being a warm welcome in my life, but helping to teach and mold the man I (and I know my parents) have prayed for my entire life, a man who loves God first and foremost and loves his family next. Journey is changing people’s opinions on churches and truly changing lives.  


Journey has given my husband and I a home for service, finally! Before, I had been raised one religion, my husband another. After our wedding, we simply got into easy routines that didn’t involve church. We tried a few to find a good match for both of us and slightly settled on one, then stopped going again. 

A year ago, friends suggested we try Journey. I’ll be honest, I came in with a negative attitude; I “just knew” I wouldn’t like this church, how the service is held or anything.
Journey was in the middle of the series on Moses. That week, the sermon was on the dessert. “God shapes and grows my soul in the dessert.” That line. I won’t forget it. It clicked, it hit home for me, and has since helped in struggles I’ve had since. Service ended, we drove away unable to stop talking about how great it was. That first visit to Journey sparked a fire for me, rekindled my love for attending service. I’ve gotten my first Bible, and love to follow along with the service. The people are warm and inviting. I am truly ecstatic about attending service, and am saddened if I have to miss it.

Thank you. And thank God for bringing me that particular sermon that day.   


Journey church has impacted my family’s lives as simply giving us a place of awesome worship and wonderful community. Our family had recently moved to Gillette this past year and we had tried a number of churches. All the churches were great, they just weren’t the church for us. My mother in law had told us about journey. She had a good friend who had recommended it to her for us. So we tried it and loved it. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders, I had found a church that was perfect for our family. Looking for a new church is difficult especially with a toddler who does not adapt well to new places. I had actually quit looking for a few Sundays. Then I quickly realized that I couldn’t give up, I had to continue the search our family needed a church.  Since going to Journey I have had the pleasure of attending the Women’s Bible study on Tuesday mornings.  The bible study group is lead by Paula who is a great group leader, and the group is filled with amazing women. I feel safe and enjoy growing and learning with these women. I feel so blessed to be part of a church where I can grow spiritually. Thank you Journey church!


I did not attend church for a long time, but had a relationship with Christ. It was not until I went through the journey of supporting my mother with her cancer that I understood what it meant to have faith. After my mother passed, I quit a very stressful job to find myself and regroup.  I learned of the women’s bible study through a good friend Amanda and I decided to attend the Tuesday morning study. I found the people and the study very encouraging.  The first day that I attended one of the women stated to me that I was very brave to walk into a group where I did not know anyone. My response was that we are all here for the same purpose.  It is the same for me attending Journey Church, we are all there for the same purpose. 

What I love about Journey Church is the atmosphere. Everyone is welcome no matter how you look.  There is a relaxed feeling about the services and I believe that this atmosphere makes it easier for people listen and learn from the lessons.  Within this church Jesus is alive and moving, you can just feel it.  The sermons are from the bible, but they apply to our everyday lives.  Everyone is very welcoming and they make you feel that they are glad that you came. People are approachable and to me it is comforting and encouraging to know that the pastor has everyday struggles just as we do.  I do not get the feeling of “if I was doing this or that I would be a better Christian”. I get the feeling of encouragement that we are all on a journey and the sermons and guidance from the bible are our roadmaps to help us along that journey. Christ is alive in this church and has great plans and I am glad to be apart of it.  Happy Anniversary! 

Thank God for Journey Church


I would like to tell you a little about myself who I was before I came to believe in God and what journey church has done for me! 
My little journey started on July 22nd, 2012 something that would change my life forever!  I lost the most precious person to my heart!  He was my best friend,  shining light,  my brother shot and killed himself on this day!  At that moment I thought my whole world was crashing down around me,  I thought that would be the end for me to ever be happy,  smile or enjoy life ever again!  Through this traumatic event, I felt I could not deal with the pain so I went back to what I knew would help numb it,  I went back to methamphetamine! This tore my life apart even more it took everything from me: love,  care,  my self-esteem,  self confidence, I pretty much traded everything and everyone that cared and loved me for a bag of dope! I remember praying asking for help,  for something to give me strength to get thru this point in my life!   I soon was arrested facing four felony charges! In this process I had my son taken from me for child neglect,  and my other felony is feeling amounts of Meth! Losing my brother,  then my son and facing felony charges felt like I had lost everything in life!  This was the worst day of my life,  or so I thought!  After sitting in jail for about a month I finally realized that God has answered me not exactly the way I wanted him to but he did!  I truly feel that he plucked me out of my situation to give me another second chance!  And when I felt that I had the most calming feeling consume my whole mind body and soul!  Even after this I struggled with believing!  Finally I got thru jail and went to treatment,  and was accepted into drug court!  I have been thru my twelve steps of the AA /NA program and that took a lot of weight of my shoulders!  Soon after I met an amazing man named Joseph after listening to him talk about his relationship with God I knew that I wanted that,  I wanted to have a relationship with God!  So I started coming to journey church and from the moment I walked thru the door I knew this is exactly where God wanted me to be!  I started praying everyday and every night with Joseph and felt my heart becoming more warm,  more kind,  more caring, my walls had finally started coming down!  I look forward to church every week it’s like a restart button for me!  For the most part I walk out of church feeling very humble,  open and wanting to serve God whenever the opportunity arise!  Working the twelve steps helped me a little but I can not even put into words how much my heart has changed,  my perspective on life,  my outlook,  all the things I lost in my addiction are slowly coming back and I can only give that credit to God working in every aspect of my life!  I’m not perfect by no means I still make mistakes,  I still get angry,  mad,  upset,  etc,  but the difference today is that I know I have an all knowing and loving  God  that I can pray to and every time it brings peace within my heart!  I have to give journey church a special thanks to helping me brake down my walls!  To preaching so anyone can understand,  I absolutely love how you Aaron always relate what we read out of the Bible to daily life events that take place in your life that helps me put it into perspective in my own life and where I have messed up and what I get to fix today!  And by the way I do have 100% custody back of my son,  I’m doing awesome in drug court,  I have an amazing family who are also my best friends!  Life is good today not always easy but I know God has my back, and I can do anything though God who strengthens me!!!!  Thanks for letting me share its kind of long but in July 22nd, 2012 my life change forever mostly for the good and I work on my character defects every day!!  Hope you and your family have an amazing week!