Brittany Nichols 

Brittany was born and raised here in Gillette, youngest of three siblings, and shyest of all. She grew up going to the Church of Christ but fully surrender to Jesus when Journey Church first began in 2014. She has her degree in Graphic Design and a passion for photography. Brittany is married to our Worship Pastor, Steven, and they have two children Quinn and Radek. Her hobbies are watching TV, hiking, organizing, and practicing the art of doing nothing… it’s harder than it sounds 😉
Here at the church Brittany is the Women’s Deacon, she also updates our website, takes photos, assists with videos, manages our social media, designs any graphics needed, organizes events, and helps wherever she can.
Brittany’s mission within the women’s ministry is to create “Paul/Timothy” relationships between the younger generation and the older generation by having various events such as Made to Create (click here to view the Facebook group), Valentine’s Dinner, Rejuvenate Retreats (click here to view the Facebook group), various hikes and “Mommie & Me” walks during the summer, and a Thanksgiving Potluck.