Journey Church History 

We are a non-denominational church, which means that we are not officially affiliated or associated with any other church, denomination, or association. We are a Christ oriented, Bible based church.
Officially, Journey Church began in January of 2014. Unofficially, we were meeting for Bible Study for eight months prior to our launch. We did have one month of pre-launch services to work through the details of starting a new church service. Approximately 40 people were involved at the start, who were praying for the Lord to lead and guide in this endeavor. We were a portable church for about two years, mostly setting up at the Fire Training Center on Sundays and sometimes at other locations here in Gillette. 
In July of 2015 we were able to purchase the property at 3601 Southern Drive. Demolition and remodeling began in August. By February of 2016, we had a sanctuary, classrooms, offices and a coffee area. We began a remodel behind the sanctuary in August of 2017 and our Youth Center was completed in January of 2018.