What Should You Expect

At Journey Church we teach real, relevant, Biblical truths to help people find a better way to live life. The purpose of our worship gathering is to help people connect with God, connect with each other, and leave feeling like they have had their souls cared for. We focus on understanding how the Bible truly intersects with our everyday lives. We seek to figure out how the Bible impacts our marriages, our parenting, our jobs, our finances, our emotional, mental and physical well-being. We also want to provide a safe place, a refuge, from the cares and expectations of the world. Jesus said, “Come, all you who are weary and worn out and I will give you rest.” That is our goal. At Journey Church we are committed to: Trusting the Lord, Treasuring People and Transformation Our World.
At Journey church you can come as you are, without judgment, without expectations, without condemnation to receive what God has for you.